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She has no patience for complex planning (and even espada yoda forex lightsaber then, that's stretching it she can simply not understand any plan beyond "Target that way and tends to do whatever comes into her head, which frequently gets the gang in trouble. Sapphire is singing to help them find her, but whenever she stops, Ruby screams Sapphire's name at the top of her lungs, with zero regard for the fact that Peridot and Jasper are on the ship as well. In Shaun of the Dead, Diane's boyfriend David is killed by zombies from the window. Colonel O'Neill's stubborn refusal to believe that any video game could require tactics more complicated than "hit the monster until it dies" gets him labelled Leeroy Jenkins by the SAOvivors. And thanks to John Wayne here we just lost the element of surprise for absolutely no reason, because demons don't permanently die in Hell." Michael also attacks the Cerberus by himself, despite having the other Archangels as backup.

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Syphon Filter has an Agency operative named Jenkins who was killed along with espada yoda forex lightsaber the rest of his squad in Washington Park. "Stop being such a Leeroy" has become multiplayer jargon in the time since, and it's sometimes used as a verb "to Leeroy" meaning to act in this way. Dizzee Jenkins of My Life At War has a reputation for being foolhardy and rushing into battle, losing at least one limb each deployment. And here we stand, with that demented maniac hurtling towards our President, with our one and only means of transportation, with Rita as his prisoner, armed with God-knows-what machinery of mass destruction, with the simple intention of overthrowing our government and taking over the country! The dialogue, in a nutshell : Thrall: All right, we're moving through the Stonetalon Peak. The plan is to hold fire until the Samurai are within range and let loose. In the Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man tie-in, Peter defeats Morlun for the fourth time and gives him "The Reason You Suck" Speech stating that he shouldn't have lost four times in a row but instead murdered him in their first encounter. In War of the Rats, we have a squad of newbie snipers who are assigned to monitor but not fire on German soldiers during the siege of Stalingrad. This was brought on by a spur-of-the-moment strategy that Mello used. Though to be fair, he was winning that fight. While not a plan so much as capitalizing on an opportunity, Dumbledore in Wind Shear interrupts a battle between Harry " Storm Chase " Potter and Voldemort's forces, assuming it to be a simple duel between Harry and Voldemort, which allows the latter to escape.

Naturally, he is caught pretty quickly. Masaru of Digimon Savers is an outright example, to the point of leaping off highrise buildings to punch giant mons. Most of the time, the Tank that's spawned is usually alone and doesn't have common infected near it and it takes time to generate zombies if there's none in the area and a bile bomb is used to call them. Yusuke's default strategy in Girl Chan In Paradise is screaming "I'll attack them head-on!" before getting his ass kicked. Then Subverted when, between the excellent training in running, the good aim with what, for the time, were precision weapons (in fact bersagliere is Italian for sharpshooter and the fact they were smart enough to charge the enemy. With Israfel, she did the thing that would have worked on all previous Angels with no info regarding any changes. The American destroyers attacked the larger force in order to allow the escort carriers a chance to escape, and so ferocious was the American attack, that Admiral Kurita came to the (wrong) conclusion that Admiral Halsey had. He even brushes off people trying to explain the situation to him. Guts from Berserk, especially in his younger days, is very much a Leeroy Jenkins, but manages to succeed in that he's just that friggin' strong. And no matter how many times Ash tries to use Take Down, it always has no effect.

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Real Life Truth in Television : in real life there were quite a espada yoda forex lightsaber few battles that the losing side could have won if some of the troops didn't attack or charge before the order was given. And then there is the guy who thinks shooting all the car alarms is a good idea and think their team can handle the new horde while ignoring the fact that most players are trying to conserve health and ammo. Used during the Battle of Manassas in Gods and Generals. Daisuke is like this as well. The Town ends with an example of this. So what does he do when he sees an evil knight with a plume in the middle of the good guys territory?

Valens was safely positioned in the almost-impregnable city of Constantinople, but decided this wasn't a good enough chance for a victory, so he moved his army to the much less-defensible city of Adrianople. Less than a minute into the first mission, before firing his gun even once, he is gunned down in a cutscene with no chance for the player to save him. You will have one type of Leeroy who will not stop moving and keep blazing through the level, regardless of his teammates who are getting mauled by the aliens. Siggy from Dominic Deegan. Ashe from Final Fantasy XII wants to defeat the Empire. A creature who acts without thinking. In his defense, Mace Windu embarrassed him in front of his son and his boss earlier which made Jango jump on the first chance he could get for revenge. Or the Boomers who absolutely must suicide when they very well can hang back and recharge their puke.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Every Ganmen pilot is one of these, and Leeron and Attenborough also display some characteristics of the espada yoda forex lightsaber trope ( " hashaaaaaaa " ) but when you're in a universe where everything, especially physics. The Destroyers only break off the attack when confronted by all the other Warriors, and a stern Cleon lets Ajax know just how much of an idiot. On the playerside, there actually isn't nearly as much stigma in City of Heroes about this, as any decently built Scrapper or Brute has a good chance of surviving, if not winning. Made worse by the French King Philip of Valois, who ordered his crossbowmen forward, without their pavises (big, thick shields) that they would normally crouch behind in safety while loading their crossbows. And I have to help you! On top of this, Tank players who have a case of the Leeroy will blindly run into the survivors' line of fire while trying to chase and attack them instead of taking cover so the rest of the zombie team can slow the survivors down. During World War II, the Polish and Czechoslovak pilots who fought for Britain in the RAF were notorious for simply going into balls-out Unstoppable Rage as soon as they encountered German forces. He gets it from his mom. In King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Arthur and his gang spend days working and elaborate plan to draw King Vortigern out of his castle to a specific town in Londinium. Firefly Back in his army days, Mal from had a tendency to be this. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones : Anakin and Padme rush to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan, only to be captured themselves. When they berserk though, they can be the most dangerous, especially when fighting non-berserking Brutes at the same time (the reckless berserker can flush you out to get you killed by the others). Goosefat's action causes them to have to scramble madly about the city looking for an escape route and results in the murder of Arthur's best friend, Back lack, and the capture of Rubio, who confesses the secret living location.

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When the most obvious strategy is to stay back and wait for your enemies to come into range so you can take them out before they get close too close, your allies are sure to run forward and get permanently. Unknown to Arbuthnot, said Battlecruisers were being chased by the entire German fleet, some of whom spotted Arbuthnot's ship, the HMS Defence and opened fire. The Changeling hive has a Power Nullifier that prevents espada yoda forex lightsaber non-Changeling magic from working. Subverted in The Hearts We Sold. He abandons his defense of Durkon and Vaarsuvius to fight goblins during the first battle with Xykon, and then later abandons Elan to fight the vengeful Yokyok. Luke warns her not to go, having learned from his previous experience. It used to be the page image.

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This leaves the all of strategics to Yuu. Luke: This is NOT going to go the way you think! Luckily, the rest of the army quickly overtakes them. Children of an Elder God : During her first deployment, Asuka lost her temper and ripped an Eldritch Abomination apart. Panzer World Galient : Jordy is too Hot-Blooded, rash and loud for espada yoda forex lightsaber his own good, he's unable to be stealthy, and he feels more comfortable charging the enemy head-on than infiltrating an enemy base. The worst of the bunch invariably charged with their very expensive and difficult to repair 'Mechs right into enemy squads. Several suicide missions have been cut short by Lawton killing their target while the rest of the team was in the planning stage. And then one of the robbers fires an M-16 through the ambulance window. Mutation actually can encourage this. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Sometimes it gets even more amusing when Aerie gets hurt: Minsc goes berserk and finishes off Aerie in his blind rage. Against orders he picks a fight with Cochise (who's willing to negotiate then leads a cavalry charge into a well-laid Apache ambush.

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The Spectre 's test concludes when Superman realizes his acting without thinking has made things worse for many people. Roy is too brave for his own good. Except on Hard Mode. And then the Comedian has to jump down to where the action is and pour fuel on the fire. Attempting this achievement can actually push unprepared players into the trope, particularly if the DPS players' damage/item level isn't high enoughnote this is, after all, a " DPS race " type challenge or if someone causes a bad pullnote likely. This leads said godson to think he's evil and spend the entire book working against him. With a spot of luck he can be saved, although the programmers never intended this to happen and he will just stand around doing nothing afterward.