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Canadian comedians reveal the best jokes theyve ever told. 65 / 80 Illustration: Roy Delgado for Reader's Digest Heavy Findings Ill be carrying it with me for a while. Calvert for Reader's Digest For Your Benefit Trust. 56 / 80 Illustration: Dave Carpenter for Reader's Digest This Office Is A-Maze-Ing! The IT Guy 18 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Know Your Employees It turns out communication skills are essential for any workplace. 72 / 80 Illustration: Chris Wildt for Reader's Digest A Practical App Mind. 49 / 80 Illustration: Conan de Vries The New Hire Who doesnt love animals in the office?

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48 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Hide and Seek Never let him out of your sight. The Work Break Funny Staff Notice Image. 69 / 80 Illustration: Martha Gradisher work at home funny images for Reader's Digest Part-Time Job Its better than fetching coffee all day, at least. 21 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Riot! The Real Reason You Are Late For Work Funny Cat Image For Facebook. 58 / 80 Illustration: Joe Di Chiarro for Reader's Digest Whos a Good Salesman? 12 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Shut-Eye Work hours are 9 to 5, but who said you have to be working the entire time? 66 / 80 Illustration: John Caldwell for Reader's Digest How Crafty Dont forget about these 11 words you should always say during a job interview. 13 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Passive-Aggressive Whats an office without a little hidden hostility?

Karaoke, the company may not be performing, but Bob does a pretty good job. When Work Feels Overwhelming Funny Image. View as slideshow, by Readers Digest Editors, m and Readers Digest Canada. If hearing all those things make you feel happy, we have a collection thatll make you even more proud of the way you work. Funny Work Rules Picture, funny Work Safety Man Picture For Whatsapp. Yes, I do have grandkids, and no, I dont have any photos of them in my cubicle. Funny Work Sleeping People Picture For Whatsapp. 19 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Food Fight Gentlemen, you cant fight in here. 14 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Job Interview Lets call it the Pinocchio effect. Ultimate Slacker, its worse than we thoughteveryones been covering for him. 26 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Red Tape No surprises here. Last Day On The Job Funny Image. 50 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Under the Weather Its probably best if you sit somewhere else.

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No, Im not familiar with the dress code but Im pretty darn sure that jammies arent on it! Girl Doing Funny Work Picture For Whatsapp. These are the different types of toxic co-workers. Kids Pulling Giant Sheep Funny Work Image For Facebook. 80 / 80 Illustration:.C. 23 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Employee Perks Thats not the pay increase he was hoping for 24 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Winning Strategy A radical plan, indeed. Let's Have A Staff Meeting And work at home funny images Discuss The Things Funny Work Image. When I Get Bored I Like To Call In Sick To Places I Don't Work Funny Bear Meme.

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32 / 80 Illustration: Len Chapman Literal Larry Sometimes, change isnt a good thing. The five days after the weekend are always tough. This Job Is A Test It Is Only A Test Funny Work Picture. Work Really Again Didn't I Just Do That Yesterday Funny Minions Image. 37 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Cats Dilemma Every job interview includes this questioneven ones for cats. 2 / 80, illustration: Waisglass Coulthart. Here are 47 of the funniest one-liners on the Internet. 28 / 80 Illustration: Paul Gilligan Historic Downturn An understatement, to say the least. 63 / 80 Illustration: Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest Classified Brush up that resume, stat! 6 / 80, illustration: Adrian Raeside, things You Will Never Hear.

I Give 100 Percent At Work Funny Image. 67 / 80 Illustration: Mark Anderson for Reader's Digest Only Words Sticks and work at home funny images stones. No need for superpowers; just make sure you have the best quality in an employee, according to Steve Jobs. I Was Told, like A Boss, no Pants, oh You Have. Funny Work Week Drawing Picture For Facebook. In Addition To Casual Friday I Propose The Following Funny Work Image. Apart from being able to escape the long commute and being away from nosy co-workers, it allows you to be comfortable at home while making a living. Funny Social Work Picture, funny Team Work Image, funny Unemployment Work Image. Here are 22 Canadian comedians to watch out forand their best jokes! 79 / 80 Illustration: John Caldwell for Reader's Digest Corporate Qualifications But its nothing to brag about. 44 / 80 Illustration: Mustard Boloney Cartoons Risky Business Be careful what you say around the new boss. 43 / 80 Illustration: Ralph Hagen Honest Mistake Quite a surprise, wouldnt you say?

When I Get Bored At Work I Like To Go Sit On The Toilet Funny Card Picture For Whatsapp. One Does Not Simply, what My Friends Think. 47 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Always Be Closing Its a tough life for salesmen. These 20 dog puns will give you paws. 78 / 80 Illustration: Mike Lynch for Reader's Digest Financial Planning The choice is yours, and the price is right. 27 / 80 Illustration: Mike Shiell A Regular Day at the Office Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker. 59 / 80 Illustration: Ralph Hagen for Reader's Digest Paint Job Now might be a good time to tell you that Im colourblind. Nadler for Reader's Digest Hedge Your Bets Dont panic! 68 / 80 Illustration: John Caldwell for Reader's Digest Assistant Reaper Hopefully, she wont make any grave errors. I wonder if I can expense the coconuts. 25 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Meet the New Boss And thats exactly why he gets paid the big bucks. A happy employee is a productive employee. 22 / 80 Photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock Hair-Brained Scheme The path to success is what exactly?

42 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Call Waiting Honesty is the best policy. You Can't Drink While You Are Work Funny Card Image. The Moment That You Realize That You Have Been At Work For Only An Hour Funny Work Card Image. 39 / 80 Illustration: Ralph Hagen Social Media Addiction Office gossip is about to get even worse. When I Say Homeoffice Funny Work Image. 4 / 80, illustration: Mike Shiell, waiting in Line. 45 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Stick Figure Better not say that to his face, though. 52 / 80 Illustration: John Caldwell for Reader's Digest Please Hold What about unplugging it and plugging it back in? 74 / 80 Illustration: John Chase for Reader's Digest Off Sides Youll never guess who. 40 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar The Expendables No one is safe.

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31 / 80 Illustration: Ralph Hagen The Big Presentation Charts and graphs beat maracas every time. Safety At Work work at home funny images Funny Image, team Work Funny Image, that's Not My Department Let Me Transfer You Funny Work Picture. 9 / 80, illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar, cast Away. 76 / 80 Illustration: Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest Mail Sorting It really is rocket science. Work I Iz On The Top Of It Funny Image. 57 / 80 Illustration: John Caldwell for Reader's Digest Virtually Unstoppable We all have dreams; some are just more realistic than others. I guess Johnson never got his raise. Take a break at your cubicle and laugh with our collection of Readers Digest cartoons about work and office life.

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I Used To Smile Until Worked Retail Funny Cat Image. 10 / 80, illustration: Mike Shiell, conflict Resolution. 8 / 80, photo: Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock, a Little Too Casual. 55 / 80 Illustration:. Being work at home funny images able to work from home has so many benefits.

61 / 80 Illustration: Mark Anderson for Reader's Digest Breach of Code Good news: It can stay in Des Moines, too. You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Work Here We Will Train You Funny Image. 41 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Odd Couple Building a great work relationship goes a long way. It's Only 11 Am And I Already Finished My Lunch Funny Work Picture. You can start next week, if I dont find someone better. 73 / 80 Illustration: Am Derosa for Reader's Digest Breaking the News Do you need me to spell it out for you? An unhappy employee is productive, too but in other ways. 29 / 80 Illustration: Susan Camilleri Konar Bad Work Habits If only Saunders knew how to be the right kind of productive. 77 / 80 Illustration: Scott Nickel for Reader's Digest Fond Farewell Anyone can pull off these April Fools Day office pranks.

Serving you is our #1 job. Change your settings immediately if you use any of these 25 passwords. Explore Stress Free IM s board Working From Home, followed by 160 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Funny stuff, Funny things and Fanny pics. Looking for a work from home meme? Poke fun, have a laugh, or lighten the mood, we ve found all the best working from home memes here. Find the best working from home meme in this awesome collection we made just for you! Kids Pulling Giant Sheep Funny Work Image For Facebook. Funny Social Work Picture. Funny Team Work Image. The Virtual Assistant lifestyle or working from home is not at all about.

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