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What you might not realize about American Express is that these concierge services are some of the many roles that American Express hires out to remote employees. As with most employee positions, there are usually some state restrictions. If you like what youve read so far and think this sounds like a great fit, head on over to the. This will require one-on-one support and a mindset aimed at helping businesses grow. You might even have one of their cards in your wallet right now. What else do I need to know about American Express Customer Service Jobs? Your qualifications include: Previous experience operating or working in a small business. Elite or VIP customer service background. Youll also have a competitive base pay, which means salary stability. That being said, each position may have different location or time zone requirements so please read through the listings carefully.

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American Express customers expect a certain level of support, and the more youre able to satisfy them, the better youll do at the job. These are employment, not contracting, positions and so they include benefits. You'll also receive weekly updates specifically meant for out-of-the-cube thinkers, like you. This job is ideal for someone who loves travel. However, many of these are not necessarily hired as telecommuting jobs but transition. The work from home American Express Customer does american express have work from home jobs Service jobs are also known as Virtual Customer Care Professionals. Youll also need to be able to connect with your callers and build rapport with them. Answered December 14, 2017. Whatever the reason for the call, Virtual Customer Care Professionals are expected to successfully resolve any questions or concerns. The role is officially called the American Express Customer Care Professional, and the job entails all kinds of typical service issues for American Express members (aka credit card holders). The trade-off of the great employee benefits package is that this is a true full-time job.

You may also be required to meet specific metrics each week or month, so if you dont like accountability, you might not like this. American Express Customer Service Jobs: What to Expect. Answered March 15, 2018, no I don't work on weekeds. This will require you to allow access to a representative who will inspect everything from the room itself to the wiring of your home. One great thing about the AmEx careers page is that you can set up job alerts to receive an email notification when a new job matching your search term pops. In these call center positions, sales agents respond to customer inquiries and solve customer issues by evaluating and analyzing account information, recommending solutions, and providing relevant offers to customers. Average pay is 16and hour but with incentives can be as much as 28/hour. The other trade-off youll need to make for working at home as a full-time employee is that you may end up working some weekends and holidays.

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Getting Referred, when applying for American Express Customer Service jobs, you have the option of Getting Referred. Home Office, since the American Express Customer Service jobs are entirely virtual, you will need a home office setup. EST and weekend work. . Give solutions to customer inquiries, offer help while keeping within company customer care boundaries. The primary reason why working for American Express might not work for you is if theres a geography requirement that you cant meet. . Plus, American Express offers performance incentivesso the better your customer service, the more money you make. Customer issues may be as does american express have work from home jobs simple as instructions to use the website or clarifying part of their membership agreement, but you may also have to tackle in-depth issues as well. They use of Sabre reservation system as they arrange for air or rail transportation, hotels, and auto rental as well as consult with clients on routes information, lowest fares, exchange rates, and travel products or services. 269shares, share, pin, american Express is a credit card unlike no other. We worked at least 8 hours a day. Requirements for these sales jobs include a minimum of three years of recent experience selling domestic and international travel services, experience in international air car and hotel booking, computer reservations experience (Sabre is preferred domestic and international destination knowledge, effective sales.

Not so much they might try it only to lay you off a few mos later without asking you to come into the building instead. If you do know someone who work for American Express, you can request that they personally refer you for the position. American Express Customer Service jobs (and their. Officially the job title for American Express travel agents is the American Express Travel Counselor. How to Apply, the best way to apply is to go to the. Pre-employment, before beginning work, you will need to pass a background check and have your home office audited to make sure it meets American Express standards. These are all employee-status positions which means they come with some notable benefits like Day 1 medical insurance.

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What Youll Need to Work at Home for American Express. Answered February 21, 2018. The following are some of the requirements of American Expresss work-at-home program. This means offering does american express have work from home jobs 24/7 support. Answered March 19, 2019. If you don't use your sick time ever, what happens with the hours? From there, youll be able to read up on all the virtual career offerings and apply for the American Express Customer Service jobs available. Answered June 14, 2018, the hours for most positions at Amex are approximately 40 to 50 a week. Other qualifications include previous call center experience, sales experience, and familiarity with programs like Sabre and GDS. Customers need assistance every day, after all, and American Express is committed to being there for them.

If you have travel experience, love reading travel blogs and magazines, and are interested in being able to take your own trips as often as possible (however often that is this job is practically made for you. Grab Your Free Guide, subscribe now to get your free copy of the work from home quick-start guide. Your home office will be audited by American Express before you can begin working, so if you truly arent set up with an appropriate work area that can be distraction-free, this wont be the right job for you. Youll be booking hotels, rentals, and flights, but youll also be working one-on-one with each customer to help them make fantastic vacation plans that they might not be able to coordinate themselves. If so, youre probably familiar with the world-class customer service American Express gives to their Card Holders. As an American Express Travel Counselor, your job is to take customer calls and help them create their dream travel experiences. Set up notifications for any search term youre interested in, and wait for the job to come to you! Plus, the company will pay for your phone line and internet. The first thing you should know about being an American Express Travel Counselor specifically is that youll be required to live in the Mountain, Pacific, or Hawaii time does american express have work from home jobs zones. Virtual Customer Care Professionals work with small business owners. Your schedule will be fixed until the next shift bid opens, at which time you may be able to land a shift that works better for you. Creative problem solver, amazing written and oral communication skills. Typically 6:00 am to 10:00.

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Youll need to know how to actively listen to questions/comments/concerns and provide appropriate solutions. Counselors working within American Express Consumer Travel Network (CTN) service Premium Cardmembers offering leisure travel and tailoring products and service offering to create a unique and memorable vacation experience. But, if youre not familiar with American Express or their products, you might be interested to know that they are a leading financial services provider. But dont worry theyll also cover the costs related to these! Agents in this position service corporate clients of the American Express Business Travel division. Sales or hospitality experience, be confident in consulting with small business owners. The Customer Care Professional takes customer calls and answers any and all inquiries. These benefits may include incentive bonus programs; medical, dental and vision insurance; vacation; 401(k) with company match; legal assistance, pet insurance, life and disability insurance; medical and dependent care reimbursement programs; and domestic partner benefits. Since these will be used strictly for business purposes, American Express will pay for the connection and setup costs as well as monthly bills for these services. Some corporate travel counselor positions require the candidate to be bilingual in Spanish.

Do you offer weekends off, especially Sunday? Each person you speak with will be asked to does american express have work from home jobs take a survey, and your results are measured based on their responses. The travel agent positions are a fairly typical at-home travel agent position, but within the framework of American Expresss standards and structure. This can range from general questions about benefits to more in depth account inquiries. This includes a dedicated area for work that is free of distractions and background noise. Youll need the typical home office setup to work with American Express, including a dedicated landline and Internet connection just for work. Answered February 11, 2019, my hours 8am -430pm, answered January 21, 2019. The Virtual Customer Care Professional provides superior support to small business customers. You probably know of American Express as a credit card company. And in addition to customer care, theyll hire at-home workers to work in their Travel Agent roles.

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One of the main benefits of working remotely for American Express and its a big one is that its an employee position, which gives you access to all kinds of great employee benefits. It must have a separate high-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable) of a certain speed and phone that are used exclusively for business. You just need to be sure theyre used only for work! American Express Work From Home, reported anonymously by American. American Express Employee Reviews about work from home. Benefits from day one They Do not hold pay, so you don t have to work three weeks to get. Virtual Customer Care Professional - Home Based Servicing. Get Job Alerts for this Search.

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