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Share, pin 1shares, i am a Work at Home Mom, or wahm, and that poses some interestng challenges when it comes to balancing work, kids, and the schedule work at home mom house. If thats the case, Ive got some great news for you! I dont let the kids dictate the routine, I choose a routine I know will benefit us all and we go from there. Want my process for creating a killer daily routine? 4-5 pm Family time. Seriously, she will play for a solid hour or longer if I am present and on the floor with her. Here are some factors you should think about while making your own! BAM everybody needed mommy.

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7:15/7:30 ish pm We attempt to get Tinley to go to bed. Prioritize Sleep, i debated putting this first, but theres no way around. 2:30-4 pm -Play time. 5-6pm : Dinner Hour: Family dinner is very important to us and we try to sit down together most nights. I am that mom, on her phone.

I will also grab any dishes laying around the house like sippy cups or snack bowls that Tinley and Alex leave everywhere! I also write, edit, and publish blog posts at this time. . Alex is better sleeper than I am so he takes one for the team most nights. Who sets table, clears table, does dishes, etc. Obviously I have to take the dog out for the millionth time but then when he comes back in I will sit and watch videos or read the newspaper (on my schedule work at home mom IPad.) I will also check off anything I got done in my planner. During this time I will also make thumbnails and upload videos so I can have them ready to post around 11 am as well. The goal is to only do this until 6am, in the past I may have been in the middle of a post and thought I could finish, only to find it was 7am and I was way behind schedule.

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Dont be hard on yourself momma you got this! I have decided to write out a daily routine so that I have something to. . Afternoon 11:15/11:30 am, lunch time! Sometimes Im there earlier, sometimes later but I do always try to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep. . Even your toddlers can learn to keep their routine if you make it visual. Tinley will eats her on her little table in her room and its seriously so adorable. I get her from her room and we cuddle in bed for 5-10 minutes. I can drink a coffee, read my Bible, exercise, and then be ready to get the kids before Im mentally committed to something. Lately she has not been going to sleep at normal time but we always try just in case.

A much better idea is to create pockets in your day full of nothing. Promoting independence is good. Create effective wind down routines. Staggered so we get individual time with each child, but still in the same window. If there are no dishes I will pick up the living room and wipe down the counters if its needed. But the only way to have a harmonious home with multiple children is to have a routine that works for everyone, but first and foremost you since youre the one manning the ship. It may be cup of coffee with Bible or anything that means something to you. I have read post after posts about how a wahm schedule should be, but lets be real for a hot minute. Tinley also has days that she is constantly getting into something or needing me to taste something. Time blocking and whatever master plan they are dreaming up just doesnt work. Especially when you have a toddler running around full-time and very needy pets.

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I usually have an audience too. Mama cannot function without sleep! Your stress hormones will rise, youll feel anxious, and simultaneously guilty because your schedule will not work and youll feel like a failure. 10:20-11 am, this what I call mommy time during this time I will be present with Tinley. This might look something like this. I have a really hard time shutting off and relaxing but I am going to make it a point to really work on that and shut everything down at 830. A quick cleanup is doable with everyone pitching. Sometimes Tinley wants us to play with her and some nights she will completely ignore. Some weeks Ill do 2 loads a day. The more you sleep the better you will feel.

Being a stay at home mom is extremely gratifying. Cards to help you get a good chore system. Update: She was playing with her toy kitchen. One of the areas that I struggle with most, is my own organization. . Fill In Necessities First When sitting down to create your actual stay at home mom schedule, youll need to fill in the framework first. Im going to try to keep her going to bed at this time or at least have quiet time in her room with the lights off. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe. Its hard to avoid when youre experiencing sleep deprivation because severe exhaustion is akin to torture. We get her dressed in her jams and get George. The routines in our own home include: Emptying dishwasher in the morning. Then youll see what time you have left and work around there.

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12:30-1 pm, when Tinley does go down for a nap I spend the first half hour or so relaxing. This means you can fill them with activity or no activity. (Follow me @m or my plannergram @gingyloveplans alt- Alex does have to leave early in the morning for snow calls or just a weird work schedule and these days are rough! This is when I do most of my social media posting and reply to comments. 8am-9am, tinley will play ALL over the house while I get some work done. Tinley just started going to bed around this time and I hope it sticks! 830-1130am, morning Production Block: meetings/supplies/process orders. . In between Tinley will grab her own snacks or her own bowl for snacks.

Everyone snacks at the same time, eats lunch at the same time, naps at the same time, then goes to bed at the same time. While I cook dinner I will also unload/load the dishwasher. We will play in her play room or the living room. And of course the best part of my job means that some days I schedule meetings at the park with my littles. Her favorite toy at the moment! How to factor in rest time: Enforce nap or rest times with your little ones. Starting this has really made a difference in my energy levels (boosting them) and Milos (depleting his) overall its a win-win.

schedule work at home mom

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Dean doesnt usually eat in the morning so he doesnt go out the second time. (a stress ball, need I say more). Also, I check any emails that have come in for the day. I didnt do it on purpose, but I put all the kids to nap at the same time and then I either work or nap. While I do laundry I let Milo and Dean out so they can d their business and Milo can run around a little. 6-7am, prepare for the Day: aka Shower and Get Dressed. Alex and I usually catch up on our days and I clean up a major mess in another room. Make independent play a daily priority and use that for rest if you prefer to do household chores or work during the afternoon rest. If its nice we will play outside but its been freezing so he settles for fetch inside. Nap or rest time wind down routines. I use this time to process orders, ship orders, etc. . Well kind of hes rushed off usually to feed the dog and let him out. Some weeks Ill do 7 loads on one day.

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Bath then bedtime routines. Even though they hate each other they always cuddle on this bed while I work. What to eat, where to eat it, what to do immediately after breakfast. 12:30 pm, nAP time! Create a boundary in your home that no one comes out of their room until you come to them this prevents Morning Wake Time Creep where they wake up earlier and earlier since youre up and. My planner photo set up! Hopefully you have a spouse who knows that helping isnt doing you a favor. Ive created a free email series just for you!

Im usually always asleep by 10 pm even if Tinley isnt I have to schedule work at home mom stick to that routine or I am dead the next day. 3-330pm, school pickup: Again, we walk over to the school and back. I now wake up around 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes before the kids. Because it interrupted my deep work flow. My wahm Daily Routine 5am, wakeup 5-6am, primary Writing Block/Social Media/emails: This is me, in my PJs, drinking a cup of coffee and browsing through Social Media and Email. . Post nap or rest time routines, this will likely include a snack.

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Then use that time to rest yourself. This is when I get up, let the dogs out, make coffee, feed the dog and once Milo is done let him back out. While mama is still in charge of keeping the flow of the day in order, having mini routines within the larger daily schedule helps children join in the fun. Chores after breakfast if there are any to be done. Yes, you read that right also, my kids go got bed at 7 730. I have separate laundry days and put clothes away days. If shes in one of those moods I will just clean or I will run up and down the stairs with Milo. School Drop off: We are out of the door between 8-8:05 and walk to school each morning. . I try to get a good hour of work which usually schedule work at home mom gets interrupted by Tinley doing something shes not supposed. I can organize kitchen cabinets, craft supplies, and toys with the best of them but when it comes to my own time and work, I am terrible. .

Hand off breakfast to Tinley in her room or at the table, and bring mine upstairs to my office and make the bed really quick. While I make lunch I let the dog out and either load or unload the dishwasher. 5:45 ish-7 pm Alex will take Tinley to the play room or his man cave and I will finish up any work schedule work at home mom that I need to catch. Get your Stay at Home Mom Daily Routine Pack here and start creating more peace and calm in your home today. This means you dont carry it out and think routines dont work. And the truth is, knowing that made me want to have a better routine even more. 1130-1pm : Afternoon household routine: Kinder pickup/lunch/15min cleanup. . No child comes out of their room until its clean with bed made. Ive been helping moms with routines for years and, theres one thing I know, it helps to have it written down and put where you can see. She has been into coloring lately with the easel she got for Christmas! Again there are days that she doesnt want me to play so I will just go pick up the house or vacuum the main floor. Dont save all your work for the evenings after the kids are in bed, use that time to connect with your spouse or relax. After lunch we have more playtime down in the playroom.

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She is a night owl for sure! Im gonna rock this stay at home mom business. The #1 problem when creating a routine is people try to over stuff. Its the over-achieving Type A moms who often have the hardest time becoming moms, and an even harder time staying at home. The older two follow at 730pm. . So let me just say If youve gotten this far then I know youre a mama dedicated to having smooth, functioning, and fun days with your children. If youre a tired zombie then youll have a hard time functioning. Factor In Downtime I am going to make a confession. Thumbnails usually get done on my IPad in between watching. Snack time, which is crucial for my toddler.

The best stay at home mom schedule takes into account moods as well as times. Im lucky that my husband has a very flexible schedule and we were able to make a schedule without making too many concessions. Superb Security Your private keys never leave your device. Alongside Coinbase for iPhone, you can also manage your wallet from its website making your life more conveinent. Exodus is also integrated with ShapeShift, so you can swap your coins within your wallet. A lot depends on the users discretion as well.

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